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mercoledì 21 settembre 2011


Two more weeks to go.

 I love this waiting time because it is so tender. My husband says some dreams should never come true (hope he doesn't mean my arrival to his life), so we always feel the pleasure to dream them. Its nice to think about little red guy somewhere out there. Open my laptop and see his picture, and think how absoulutely nice and sweet he is. And how much I'd love to cuddle him! 100% positive. Just think, no mess, no barking, no "poopee" around .... HE IS MY PERFECT DOG!
Tanya posted new pictures yesterday. Russian autumn brings fun to him and his littermates.

It happends to me often to think about how my life changed since my first dog entered into my life years ago.I remember when I went to pick her up how happy I was, how happy I was through all her puppyhood, how happy I was through many more years to come. It was unconditioned and simple relationship. There were no expectations or judging. Love to dog shows ruins that special magic people have with their dogs... From the time I became dog sports person it all went sort of wrong. Those pure feelings never came back to me. Because I look at dogs through "the standard" glasses, I think what the experts and others will say..... ufffff! I am happy that Iris is not a bouledogue and that I have no idea about rabbit hunting! May be the magic will return!

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