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sabato 1 ottobre 2011

The Day Before Tomorrow

It's here. Only one day left! And I feel excited and not ready.... This may seem too much for someone, but arrival of a new pup is like an arrival of a new baby to the house. Life will change radically for every member of our family. Personally for me the biggest challange is keeping up with a timetable. I still must work it out.

First day at home will be very short for Iris. He is  arriving at 21.30 in the evening to Malpensa Airport of Milan. So we will drive home, do a house check. eat some supper (if little Mister is willing) and than we'll go off to bed. Iris will be sleeping in a crate close to my bed. Hope he wouldn't mind that too much! Seems perfect, only thing that makes me worried is while I am caring for the guy, who will take my "MAMMMA!"'s role?!? If there is anyone up for this, don't hesitate to contact me!

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