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venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

It's been almost 3 weeks since Iris is home. This time was not the time I'd call perfect puppy start. The reason to it is that we had guests in a house which stole lots of my time,as well as opportunity to do some of the staff I planned. Good training was  not regular and bad training was too often. We are at our "proper training" startline. For now I have an absoulutely amazing dog! My French Bulldog - Maya - had a great carisma from the day I first met her (19 July 2008), IRIS IS JOY! He tought me what does it feel like when your heart sings. And now mine does EVERY SINGLE DAY! Isn't that awesome?
Our meeting each other reminds me of J.R. Ackerly and his German Shepherd Queenie, known better as Tulip, who just were compleatly different one from another... Same here: I am slow and reflective, Iris is fast and reactive; I never shout - Iris likes to bark; I am fan of French Bulldog irresistable mollosoid qualities (farting apart) packed in a roundish ridicular body - little liviero is oh how differrent! So probably He & I had little chance to meet, but for my great luck and happiness - we did. I love him totally: each his little everything! I really love him very much...
Said all this, he is supposed to sleep in his crate, interract with other dogs on leash and get all  the good things from me and in controlled qualities (see "Ruff Love" by Susan Garrett) - good training. He sleeps in bed and sofà in the noon hours and self-reinforces himself whenever he wants - very bad training. For those, who new to all this, I'd like to remind that dog learnes every second of his life by pairing events or stimuli to consequences. So I must admit that in last three weeks I taught my puppy to sleep in bed, shadow me, not to control his impulses and occasionally pee in the house. Well done, Anna! Okay its good to be honest intellectually, but little "good staff" we done should not pass unspoken. We did very nice quality walkies, working first of all on Classical Conditioned (see Pavlov experiments) recalls. I only saying I_R_I_S!!!!! once and he is flying  to me. Still he is only 2,5 months and there will be done much more training on this. Loose -leash walking is very good too, seems like Mr Fox figured out whats the RZ (reinforcment zone) is and I R+ every single time  he is in. For my big surprise and pleasure he loves tugging and retrieve. Thou if he knows I have the food - he quits tugging. Today we worked on it! I'd love to transfer the value the food to the fantastic Clean Run Tugs. More details on it in my future posts

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  1. It's wonderful to hear you "talk" of your love for Iris! I look forward to hearing about him growing up and learning so very many things :-)
    Suzanne, Swede in UK :-)